Most of the wedding venues are new, and they have been recently constructed. They have a modern look which makes it look attractive, but all these venues have not been able to meet the standards set by Heaven on Earth. Most of the people are interested in booking the venue because of the reliable and interesting services. However, they do not know about the history of Heaven on Earth. Here we have the story of how this simple home was converted into a luxurious wedding venue.

Home turned into a wedding venue

Heaven on Earth is the original structure and historic landmark of Texas. It is known as the first settler of Missouri City. It was originally built as a home in 1898. Heaven on Earth, has arranged more than 7800 weddings. We have been providing the best services for 40 years in the Greater Houston area.

Interior designing

We all know that the most important thing in the wedding venue is the interior design. If the interior design is not perfect, you will not be able to attract customers. Inside you will find the most decadent and elegant pieces including a one of a kind Tiffany Chandelier, which was one at auction beating companies such as Disney. Everything is made to make you’re experience as if it were heavenly.


The biggest attraction of Heaven on Earth is that it was restored by Tamara Vogt after the devastating effect of Hurricane Harvey. Tamara started working on the project in order to restore the place in its original condition. She wanted to assure that they can maintain the classic architecture of the main house and add a more modern appeal. She added more wings to the main structure but assured to use the same old timber, doors and constructed the fireplaces, windows, flooring, and staircases of the same style to maintain the historic structure of the building.